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3M Mini POE whole house filtration, replacement cartridge only

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The Desired First Line of Defense, Strong endurance, efficient and certainly trustworthy: with 3M Mini-POE, your water will be well filtered and protected from the very second it enters your home. 

Package content:

1 x 3M Mini POE replacement cartridge

# Replacement Cartridge

  • 3M mini POE replacement cartridge for 3M mini-POE

# Good for:

  • Point of entry

  • Kitchen

  • Washing machine

  • Water heater

# Features:

  • *Protecting heater

  • compact design

  • size: 11cm[W] x 33cm [H]

  • filters incoming household water, for all uses including dishwasher, clothes washer and shower

  • reducing sediment stains, on clothes, sinks, fixtures

  • maximising heating performance, on heater, boiler and coffee machine

  • scale inhibition, helps protect pipes from corrosion

  • easy maintenance, change cartridge easily in less than 10 seconds 

  • lifespan: average is up to 12 months