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Korea K1800S Hot & Cold Filtered Water Dispenser, Energy Saving, Eco Sensor, Alkaline Pi Energy System *White


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  • Singapore Island wide.

    Model : K1800

    color: White
    Type: Pipe-in & Counter Top
    Dimension (mm): 260 (W) x 460 (D) x 495 (H)
    Water Capacity : Hot 1.5L Cold: 4.2L
    Power Consumption: Hot: 330W  Cold: 90W
    Water Temperature: Hot: 70C ~ 90C 
    Net Weight: 19KG

    Filtration System :
    1st Stage,  9” Korea PuriSys Sediment (U Type)
    2nd Stage, 9” Korea PuriSys Pre Carbon (U Type)
    3rd Stage, 9" Korea PuriSys Alkaline Pi Energy Antioxidant (U Type)
    4th Stage, 9” Korea PuriSys Post Carbon (U Type)

    Eco Mode System:
    Automatically power off the heating system at night by the light detect sensor.

    Hidden Type Replaceable Hygiene Guard:
    Protect the faucet from bacteria growth. Can be separated, cleaned and replaced.

    Hot Water Safety Device:
    Safety device can protect your children from unexpected accident with hot water.