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Doulton TCP6 KDF + Biotect Ultra Natural, Healthy, Finest Great Tasting Drinking Water System

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Doulton drinking water system, Trusted by millions. Doulton water provides, healthy, natural, finest, great tasting minerals water for the whole family to enjoy!

#Why Doulton Water?

  • Reverse your treatment water, tap water back to natural, finest, great tasting healthy drinking water. 

A Counter-Top system complete with BioTect Ultra filter.


  • 1 X Doulton Biotect Ultra Ceramic Water Filter Candle
  • 1 X EWC KDF heavy metals Reduction Cartridge 
  • 1 X Doulton Dual Filters Housing w/ built-in faucet
  • 1 X Accessories & user manual 


Product Info:

The TCP6 is DUAL ABS, BPA FREE housing which is extremely easy to install and uninstall, making it portable and, therefore, the ideal solution for people who move house on a regular basis.  It fits most common threaded kitchen taps via a diverter valve.  Candle supplied separately.  

6 layers of Filtration Power:

  • Layer 1: Activated carbon, removes organic chemical & harmful radical.
  • Layer 2: KDF media, enhanced V2.0 to reduces/removes heavy metals & make water taste much better. 
  • Layer 3: Diatom ceramic water filter, filter power 0.2 micron removes rust & small particles.
  • Layer 4: Silver Ion, nano tech-enhanced anti-bacteria formula properties to kill bacteria & viruses.
  • Layer 5: High density activated carbon block, to removes chlorine, odors taste and make water much better taste. 
  • Layer 6: ATS exchange ions & resin to removes lead, mercury & cadmium.

    Doulton BioTECT Ultra 2504 Candle:

      Premium & extreme high-end quality ceramic water filters. The diatom ceramic shell is fitted with an activated carbon block insert containing lead, mercury & cadmium removal media.


      Removal of particles, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, etc. with additional chlorine, organics, and lead, mercury & cadmium removal capabilities

      Product details:

      • Model: TCP6 + KDF + BTU 2504

      • Dimensions: 32cm(H) x 19.5cm(W)

      • Material: ABS, Food Grade material.

      • Number of Filter Candle: 1 BTU + EWC KDF

      • Filter Candle Type: 10(Long) x 2 (diameter) inches/(254 x 49mm) Short mount

      • Range: BTU short thread mount 19mm M12 + KDF Pre Filter

      • Connections: Diverter fits onto most common threaded kitchen taps

      • Flow Rate: 120L/hour

      • Filter Life span: up to 9 - 12 months / 2300 litres.

      • Minimum Working Pressure: 1 Bar

      • Flow rate: 1.9/L @ 2 Bar

      • Working temperature range: 5 ~38-degree Celcius

      • Working pH range: 5.5 ~ 9.5

      # Why we should remove Lead & Cadmium from drinking water?

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      >> Health effects exposures mercury?

      >> Cadmium Poisoning  


      >> Unboxing video