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About Us

LELONG.COM.SG, is own by MY SHOPNSAVE PTE LTD. Establish since 2013, we are young & energetic SME, we carry the trusted & reliable world class high quality of drinking water purifier system, water dispenser & water filter cartridges. Trusted in every single drop of water! 

Health Water! Health Life! 

Our online store is open 24/7, 365 days, door to door effortless shopping experience! 

Why Lelong?

Why Lelong? Water is Life! Live on the earth in a long life! “

Top trusted & reliable brands:

  • Doulton – Britain Premium Brand since 1826!
  • Torayvino – As pure as a crystal stream!
  • Picogram – Invisible Picogram technology!
  • EcoWater – Your Water! Perfected!
  • Finity Water – designed for foodservice applications!
  • Chungho – People who understand water best in the world!