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15% DISCOUNT! Limited time offer! Korea Premium Drinking Water Purifier!(*Ultra Slim!) Valid until 3 July 2022. (T&C apply)
15% DISCOUNT! Limited time offer! Korea Premium Drinking Water Purifier!(*Ultra Slim!) Valid until 3 July 2022. (T&C apply)

Korea Pureal PPA100 Counter Top Water Purifier System, Nano technology, Antibacterial, Heavy Metals Removal, Quick change design *Elegant White/black *(Ambient Water) *Exclude Installation

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 Package Content:



  • 2PCS, Filter 1 Cartridge


  • Exclude Installation! Onsite Installation is chargeable,
  • WhatsApp +65 8818 6634 to us for further assistance. )
  • or please use your own plumber for installation

PnP Filter System 

Made in Korea, manufactured by Picogram

The PUREAL water purifier is PnP Tankless countertop version with a slim & compact design tankless. So it has space efficiency in any place. It also has new Nanotechnology in the filter and a sanitary & easy filter replacement system. It is no need for electricity, so there is no noise during working


  • Nanotechnology, optimum water filter solution
  • No water leakage
  • Tankless
  • Compact & Slim design
  • The easy filter replacement system
  • Exchangeable tap
  • No electricity & No noise
  • Easy maintenance & installation
  • The Internal connection is heat-welled ( the minimization of leak point)
  • The number of fittings is less than others
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Less brine water
  • HPS, ASV, PUMP, SOL, and VALVE are integrated into the manifold

115mm - Compact & Slim design

  • Can be harmonized with any place by luxury & slim design

Easy - Easy filter replacement system

  • Everyone can replace filters with an easy & quick filter replacement system

Optimum filter solution

  • High-quality filter system with the best filtration performance

Exchangeable tap

  • Sanitary parts by self-wash of changeable tap

No electricity & No noise

  • No worry about electric charge & noise

Changeable tray

  • Any size of the pot and available to get water with a changeable tray

Special technology with slim design

  • When the door opens the system shuts off the feed water and releases the internal pressure, which will help you replace filters

Tankless water purifier

  • Clean & Fresh Water
  • This system will provide you freshwater without a tank in which bacterial may grow

PnP Filter System

  • Do you still need a technician?
  • Easy One-touch filter replacement"
  • N water purifier has a self-replacement filter system.
  • So even, children can replace filters by themselves.
  • *No tools no parts for filter replacement
  • *One-touch filter replacement system PnP system
  • *Automatic shut-off water during filter replacement

## Specification:

  • weight: 4Kg
  • Size : W115 * D436 * H341 mm
  • Working pressure: 0.7 kgf/㎠~7 kgf/㎠
  • Temperature: 4~38 ℃
Color: Elegant Black

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