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Luxury Ioncares 7000 Premium Alkaline Water Ionizer *White

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  • 1 x Ioncares 7000 Alkaline Ionizer  w/ accessories


  • 1 X Fruit Juicer Blender

Advanced water ionizer technology that completes any home space in style.

A series of compact-size water ionizers with advanced technology and stylish design where able to generate alkaline water, acidic water and purified water in one device. 4 stages of alkali reduced water and 4 stages of acidic oxidized water are generating by electrolyzing purified water obtained after tap water filtration.

Ioncares series of water ionizers are devices with value priced yet offering high quality of water ionizer technology. With the pride in offering healthy water to users, it has been verified by the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) for its efficacy in the improvement in 4 major stomach symptoms such as indigestion, chronic diarrhea, hyper-acidity and abnormal fermentation in stomach.

Ioncares Alkaline Water Ionizer

It’s a device that generates alkaline water with pH 8.5 to 10.0 through electrolysis that is helpful in improving major stomach troubles such as chronic diarrhea, indigestion,abnormal fermentation within stomach and hyperacidity.


Must have item, IONCARES Eight Secrets

1. Application of 250W SMPS Method (Switching Mode Power Supply)

  • The previous transformer method lacks power stability posing difficulty in pH realization, however, Ioncare Series has applied SMPS method, allowing it to improve the stability of power and to allow an accurate pH realization.
  • In addition, even if it’s the same SMPS method, unlike the other company products that uses approximately 150W, the usage of 250W power enables the generation of high purity alkali water and the sustainability of the alkali water after the generation excels.

2. Adjustment of current to 240 stages according to the water quality of raw water

  • Despite the fact that the pH of raw water differs according to the environment of each region, there are cases whereby the pH that suits the respective raw water cannot be generated, but Ioncare Series allows the current to be adjusted to 240 stages, generating stable alkali water.
  • The performance and effect of this technology is outstanding overseas such as China and Europe in particular where the degree of raw water is high.

3. Usage of a Maximum nine layers of high purity white gold coated electrode plates

  • Majority of domestic water ionizers mainly use 3~5 layers of electrode plates so once the water ionizer is used for about 1~2 years, there are cases whereby the electrolysis performance

    declines and the sustainability of alkali water after generation declines.

  • Ioncare Series uses a bigger size electrolyzer when compared to the electrode plates of other company products and it has been designed to expand the performance of the electrode plates and to extend the lifespan with high purity alkali water and white gold coating, and variable

    application up to nine layers in maximum can be applicable.

4. Using a 5” large color LCD

  • By using a 5” large color LCD which cannot be found in other company products, consumers are able to distinguish the stage of alkali water that is being discharged at one glance.
  • Current pH and ORP indication / water flow indication / Cleansing status indication / Primary, secondary filter lifespan indication / ion water generation process indication / error indication / sound level feature / language and voice guide selection

5. Touch-Sensor method

  • Valve method caused inconvenience to the consumer when using however, the Ioncare Series has been applied with Touch-Sensor method making it user friendly.
  • In addition, touching buttons and error occurrences and all status within the water ionizer is informed with a voice, making it user friendly for elderly and children.

6. Hygienic auto-cleansing and auto discharge system preventing pollution of germs

  • lIf water within the electrolyzer is stagnant after generation of alkali water, germs will propagate and scales will form no matter how well it is cleaned.
  • lIoncare Series does not only automatically clean the electrolyzer after generation of alkali water but also has been designed to automatically discharge the remaining water, resolving hygienic issues as well as expanding the lifespan of electrolyzer.

7. Application of High functional Two-Filter Method

  • One-Filter method lowers the purification capability so Two-Filter method has been applied to enhance the purification capability for reliable drinking water.

8. Application of Original Recognition Chip of Filter

  • In the previous products, the water ionizer functioned even with the usage of unverified filters, incurring a decline in the performance and lifespan of water ionizers, so customer dissatisfaction arose due to the uncertainty of filter performance.
  • Ioncare Series applied original recognition chip of the filter enabling the consumers to use reliable products.



Alkaline water ionizer brings a host of benefits that lead to better health and by extension, better living. By transforming the internal body environment from acidic to alkaline, the body is returned to its most ideal state. This process begins by neutralising acids and removing toxins from the body through the consumption of Luxury Alkaline Water.


Luxury Alkaline Water has smaller water molecules that penetrate easily into cells and organs to dissolve and flush out toxins, eliminating dangerous elements and removing free radicals to ensure our bodies stay clean and healthy, inside and out.


Luxury Alkaline Water is rich in active hydrogen, which acts as an effective anti-oxidant to reverse cellular damage caused by oxidative free radicals and reduce the effects of aging, all while rejuvenating your body’s ability to flush unwanted toxins from your body.


# Filters:

Composite Filter 1
1. High Density Sediment remove substances bigger then 0.1 micron.
2. Granular Activated Carbon remove organic chemicals, formaldehyde, phenols, trihalomethane(ABS), Petrochemical substances (benzene, toluene), residual chlorine.

Composite Filter 2
1. Tourmaline Ball radiate far infrared
2. Granular Activated Carbon remove organic chemicals, formaldehyde, phenols, trihalomethane(ABS), Petrochemical substances (benzene, toluene), residual chlorine.
3. Calcium Sulfite remove chlorine ion


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Luxury Ioncares 7000 Premium Alkaline Water Ionizer *White
Luxury Ioncares 7000 Premium Alkaline Water Ionizer *White
Luxury Ioncares 7000 Premium Alkaline Water Ionizer *White
Luxury Ioncares 7000 Premium Alkaline Water Ionizer *White
Luxury Ioncares 7000 Premium Alkaline Water Ionizer *White
Luxury Ioncares 7000 Premium Alkaline Water Ionizer *White
Luxury Ioncares 7000 Premium Alkaline Water Ionizer *White