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Replacement Cartridge / Pureal Maxtream Hybrid Commercial Water Purifier

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Elevate Your Business with Pureal Maxtream Hybrid Commercial Filter Set - The Ultimate Water Filtration Solution

Designed for Excellence in Hospitality and Food & Beverage Industries

In the demanding world of hospitality and food & beverage services, the quality of your water is not just a necessity; it's a statement of your commitment to excellence. The Pureal Maxtream Hybrid Commercial Filter Set is your ideal partner, ensuring that every drop of water in your establishment is of the highest quality, whether it's for a coffee maker, ice machine, beverage preparation, drinking water, or hot water dispensers.

What Makes the Pureal Maxtream Hybrid Filter Set Stand Out?

- High Water Flow for Commercial Use: Engineered to meet the high-volume demands of your business.

- Easy and Quick Filter Replacement: Thanks to the innovative PnP (Plug & Play) method, maintenance is a breeze.

- Exceptional Purification: Eliminates 99.9% of microorganisms, cysts, viruses, and heavy metals, ensuring the safety and quality of your water.

- Eco-Friendly and Quiet: Operates without electricity and produces no noise, making it perfect for any business environment.

- Certifications for Quality and Safety: Halal certified by KMF and KC Mark certified, meeting the regulations of the NSF test.

- Versatile and High Capacity: With a 15,000 gallons capacity, it's ideal for various applications in your business.

- Pure & Good Taste of Water: Enhances the flavor of your beverages and meals.

Specifications - Tailored for High Performance

- Water Flow Rate: 5.7 LPM (1.5 GPM) - Fast and efficient.

- Rated Capacity: Impressive 15,000 Gallons (56775 L).

- Operating Pressure: 0.7~4.0 kgf/cm2 - Suitable for a range of commercial settings.

- Working Temperature: 4~38 C (40~100 F) - Consistent performance across temperatures.

- Inlet & Outlet Connection Size: Convenient 3/8" size.

Filter Composition - Advanced 4-Stage Filtration

  1. Sediment Filter: Removes sand, silt, rust, and particles.
  2. Hybrid Membrane: With electropositive attraction for removing cysts, bacteria, and viruses.
  3. Carbon Block: Eliminates chlorine, taste, odors, organic compounds, and heavy metals.
  4. Scale Inhibitor: Protects your equipment from scale formation.

Why Choose Pureal Maxtream Hybrid Filter Set?

The Pureal Maxtream Hybrid Filter Set is more than just a filter; it's an investment in the quality of your services. Whether you run a café, restaurant, hotel, or any other business where water quality is crucial, this filter set ensures that every beverage and meal you serve reflects the high standards of your establishment. 

Transform Your Business with Superior Water Quality

Don't compromise on the quality of your water. The Pureal Maxtream Hybrid Commercial Filter Set is the key to elevating the experience you offer to your customers. With easy installation, exceptional purification, and a commitment to safety and quality, it's the choice for businesses that settle for nothing but the best.

Order Now and Experience the Difference!

Ready to take your business to the next level? Click 'Add to Cart' and introduce the Pureal Maxtream Hybrid Commercial Filter Set to your establishment. Your commitment to quality water will not only be appreciated by your team but also by every customer who walks through your doors!

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  • Rate: Countertop System: S$100 / Undersimk System: S$150.
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Why "Doulton" filtered water?

Drinking fresh water improves immunity, allows better digestion, increased sports performance, less fatigue and supports a more efficient, healthy body. When your water tastes as great as Doulton filtered, it’s easy to drink enough to stay healthy.


We proudly export water filters to over 140 countries, saving thousands of lives every year from our home in Staffordshire at the heart of Britain’s pottery industry.


Almost 200 years of continuous technical improvements to the water filter we launched in 1826, make Doulton filters the ones to rely on.


Made from natural materials, our ceramic filters provide up to 99.99% filtration of bacteria, sediment, chlorine, limescale, heavy metals (including lead) and microplastics.


Drink clear, mineral-rich water to support optimum health at all ages. We retain the healthy minerals that naturally occur within your water supply.


Your Doulton water filter systems will work without power and cost nothing in electricity to run. 


All the water we filter is drinkable - it is safe to drink and it tastes great! We won’t waste a drop.

Replacement Cartridge / Pureal Maxtream Hybrid Commercial Water Purifier
Replacement Cartridge / Pureal Maxtream Hybrid Commercial Water Purifier